Rajeev Bhanot

Rajeev Bhanot

VP, Head of Product & Strategy

Rajeev is a Growth Product leader with over 15 years of experience and who has worked in various leadership capacities with companies like Amazon, Spotify, The Walt Disney Company, Starbucks and T-Mobile USA. Rajeev’s diverse experience across industries allows him to bring a holistic understanding of digital products, full-funnel lifecycle strategies, analytics and experimentation for driving growth of business-critical metrics.

Starting his career as an engineer, Rajeev has followed his passion and endless curiosity for improving products, which has brought him to YML. Throughout his career, Rajeev has worked in complex organizations and products at a local and global scale to deliver a range of transformational digital product and marketing solutions. He is a fierce advocate of improving user experience to enable growth and retention for creating stickiness with the product. He firmly believes that technology should be like the invisible hand guiding the consumer to their Nirvana — a state of perfect happiness.

Rajeev is a practicing yogi, health and nutrition practitioner, a wannabe amateur astronomer and loves exploring the great outdoors. He enjoys listening to podcasts and tinkering with new products and technologies.