Joe Johnston

Joe Johnston

Group Creative Director

Early in his career, Joe started as a UX designer of one before growing a small digital design company to a 35 person UX team putting the focus on experience design. With a unique background combining UX and business, Joe developed deeper expertise in service design and how organizations truly execute on services and products.

Formerly Joe was the Group UX Director at Huge in Atlanta leading a team on several top brand experiences and exploring new innovative technologies. Joe also took his service design expertise to North Highland, a large management consulting firm, where he combined business with design to create several new capabilities for the firm that included customer experience, experiential change and a streamlined approach to digital transformation leveraging service design.

He has over 18 years experience in the areas of experience design, service design, customer insight and innovation for many notable brands including: Lowe's, Coca-Cola, UPS, Capital One, State Farm, Arby's, Bosch, Herman Miller, AT&T, TIAA, Freddie Mac, Meijer, Principal Financial & Sony Music. This includes experience and service design, future visioning and ideation across brand experience and strategy. He's also an accomplished author, speaker and expert on user experience/customer experience and experience innovation.

Experience design is driven by touchpoints between people, companies, ideas, emotions and memories that these moments create. Joe's experience design philosophy is holistic in nature and takes into account all components required to create engaging and effective experiences.