• Google Tensorflow

    Google Tensorflow Google Tensorflow

    TensorFlow is Google’s open-source, machine learning platform — the more people use it, the smarter it gets. YML built the playbook for the future of Google's AI. Case study

  • ResearchKit

    ResearchKit  ResearchKit

    We built the mPower app, as part of a suite, for ResearchKit. It made history as the world’s largest Parkinson’s study, and continues having a substantive impact on research. Case study

  • Saloncentric (L'Oréal)

    SalonCentric SalonCentric

    We helped concept, build and scale SalonCentric’s app that supports their community of more than nearly 1m stylists, estheticians and beauty professionals in over 600 stores, across 48 states. Case study

  • YETI


    We worked with YETI to launch their new bags experience (which we helped design). Within the first 24 hours, they sold out. Case study

  • Obie

    We designed, built and launched Obie — a first of its kind reproductive coach app that helps women understand and manage their fertility.

  • State Farm

    State Farm State Farm

    As their mobile agency of record, we have been partners for several years and responsible for designing the award-winning State Farm app. Case study

  • California Pizza Kitchen

    California Pizza Kitchen California Pizza Kitchen

    We built and designed CPK's new digital ecosystem, simplifying their infrastructure and beautifying their experience to support their future. Case study

  • Cepheid

    Cepheid, a Silicon Valley-based molecular diagnostics company, created a breakthrough test that dramatically cuts down Covid-19 detection time from three to four days to just 45 minutes. YML partnered with Cepheid to create the interface.

  • dosist

    dosist dosist

    We designed and built the new dosist.com, a website that transcends the category of cannabis. Within a strict regulatory environment, we also positioned dosist to launch an e-commerce and delivery solution. Case study

  • Credit Karma

    We designed and built the first Credit Karma app, helping them scale fast and achieve their recent sale to Intuit for $7.1b.

  • Montessorium

    Montessorium Montessorium

    We helped this Silicon Valley startup teach kids the Montessori way, using AI-powered, digital touch screens for assisted learning. Steve Jobs noticed. Case study.

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