Hamish Macphail

Hamish Macphail


Having worked for a series of fast-growing agencies in the technology and marketing services sectors, Hamish has over 20 years of experience working with CEOs, senior leadership and professional advisers as their trusted business partner. As well as managing agency finances, Hamish has led operational departments such as IT, Facilities and HR.

Hamish likes to help ease the growing pains and build agencies to fulfill their potential as effectively and efficiently as possible — implementing new systems, building support teams and expanding to new locations.

Trained as a Chartered Accountant in London with Deloitte, Hamish moved into his first agency role with WPP. Since then he has worked with leadership teams to grow several international agencies, as a CFO since 2000, in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2006, and as YML's CFO since 2015.

Hamish lives in Marin County in Northern California, and in his spare time he likes to play tennis, mountain bike, ski and hike with his family.