Minela Bjelevac

Minela Bjelevac

Head of People and Culture

Minela partners with our global teams to champion coaching, training and learning efforts, helping pave the way to success. She is very passionate about making YML a place where the best people do their best work.

Minela’s core belief is that people are at the center of everything we do. Our employees, our clients, our users. And when we take care of our people, they will take care of our clients and their customers. For Minela, that’s people success. With over 10 years experience she has discovered unique ways that we inspire each other to thrive every day. She loves to learn and tinker with fresh ideas about fulfillment, happiness and drive in the workplace.

Prior to joining YML, Minela was driving people success at Baidu, InvenSense, and Opportunity Fund. She holds a B.S. degree in Business and HR Management from San Jose State University. In her free time, she likes to be involved in the HR community, trail run, read, cook and do yoga.