Prashant Palsokar

Prashant Palsokar

Vice President, Engineering

Throughout his time at YML, Prashant has been instrumental in the agency’s success with clients across the healthcare, fintech and aviation industries. Prashant’s efforts have further enabled YML to continue broadening its technology offerings — from progressive web apps and marketing automation to CRM and systems integration.

Most notably, he helped drive strategic engineering impact for one of America’s leading health care providers and not-for-profit health plans — providing architecture, planning, delivery and (most critically) an expanded service offering of server-side engineering and functional domains.

While application architecture, enterprise integration and AI/ML are his passions, in his long career he’s been through agency life, building and scaling teams in the US, Latin America, India and other countries. He’s also worked and consulted in large enterprise environments observing, learning and acting on engineering process optimization for cutting down release cycle times.

In his experience with startups, he’s learned the art of balancing nimbleness and time to market with long term roadmap needs. His work has spanned several domains including e-commerce, finance, Health and non-profit. Some brands include: Macys.com, Fanatics.com, Autodesk, Sephora, Ciitizen, Robert wood Johnson foundation and more.

Prashant holds an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters degree in Computer Science. At heart, he is a creator and loves coming up with innovative ideas to build new products and execute on that vision.