Mar 28, 2023

YML Launches Y—Chat, AI Tool Saving Developers Up To 4 Weeks Time

YML Launches Y—Chat, AI Tool Saving Developers Up To 4 Weeks Time

With the recent surge in interest in AI from OpenAI’s ChatGPT, YML’s engineering team built a first-of-its-kind tool. Y—Chat, that simplifies API calls to OpenAI’s models, saving developers up to 4 weeks time.

Shortly after the launch of Y—Chat, Kotlin (the programming language sponsored and developed by JetBrains), recognized and promoted the tool to its audience of over 150K users.

Y—Chat was built to integrate any app with Chat-GPT with just a few lines of code. This tool was not built for a specific client or industry, but rather to enable any project's integration with AI using Chat-GPT, faster and at scale.

Led by a team of three developers, Y—Chat was developed, tested and launched in less than a month.

There are two features of Y—Chat:

For engineers, they will benefit from the speed of implementation, and their companies will benefit from the cutting-edge AI technology.

“Y—Chat is an open-source project that represents YML's engineering team and capabilities” shared Enrique López-Mañas, YML’s Android Chapter Lead. “By creating a powerful tool that simplifies API calls to OpenAI's models, our team has demonstrated our ability to develop innovative solutions that address complex problems. The project reflects our ethos of providing cutting-edge technology to the developer community and enabling them to incorporate AI into their projects seamlessly.”

Over time, Y—Chat will continue to evolve as we work on enhancing its features and improving its functionality. We plan to incorporate new OpenAI models and expand its capabilities to enable even more seamless integration with various platforms. Additionally, we will continue to gather feedback from users to improve the tool's user experience and ensure it meets their evolving needs.

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