Aug 30, 2022

YML Launches Open-Source Projects Across Accessibility, User Interfaces, and Networking

YML Launches Open-Source Projects Across Accessibility, User Interfaces, and Networking

YML announces the launch of its first open-sourced projects: YNetwork – a network library for Android, and YCoreUI and YMatterType – a pair of UI libraries for iOS.

The open-sourced projects were developed to build digital solutions faster for clients. It's common to get slowed down by implementing network stacks or translating designs accurately into user interfaces, and each open-source project supports building digital experiences at speed and scale.

Over the last 13 years, YML has engaged with a diverse clientele, from startups to enterprises, across several verticals. In doing so, YML has formulated best in class solutions for creating reusable codebases and optimizing adoption.

This open-source initiative was executed collaboratively by YML’s global engineering team, which makes up more than 65% of the agency.

“At YML we have been working internally on components to speed up our work with clients, develop IP, and accelerate software projects,” shared Enrique Lopez-Manas, YML’s Android Chapter Lead. “The open-source launch encourages innovation through collaboration and transparency.”

The three open-source projects are:

  1. YMatterType: a framework helping to render scalable and accessible text.

    • It has three specific goals; first, to accurately reproduce design typography in apps; second to support Dynamic Type and Bold Text accessibility features; and lastly to enable developers to quickly and easily implement text-based designs in code.

  2. YNetwork: a component that facilitates network operations to provide a level of abstraction to manage HTTP operations quickly.

    • It's two specific goals are to support socket connection on an HTTP client; and second to deliver verbose HTTP restful connections.

  3. YCoreUI: a framework that accelerates building resizable, scalable user interfaces and provides WCAG 2.0 contrast checking between any two colors.

    • It's goals are two-fold; first to make auto layout easy and concise in a lightweight framework; and second to enable developers to unit test the accessibility of their color palettes using WCAG 2.0 contrast ratio calculations.

Making the component library publicly available is also intended to engage a more diverse community of technologists. “Open-sourcing these projects works in harmony with YML’s culture of cross-collaboration — between teams, projects, and now the world,” shared Mark Pospesel, YML’s iOS Chapter Lead and expert in engineered design systems.

“We have been constantly exploring the idea of creating an accelerator program to create and reuse components internally," said Lopez-Manas. "Open-sourcing these projects is the beginning of launching this accelerator with external collaborators."

The open-sourced projects set the stage for more experimentation, and provide learning opportunities for young engineers. YML has plans to release many more in the future.

Want to learn more about YML’s open-source projects or discuss an upcoming project? Get in touch.