Aug 01, 2022

Mayo Clinic Partners with YML to Build Engineered Design System

Mayo Clinic Partners with YML to Build Engineered Design System

YML announces a new partnership with Mayo Clinic — the No. 1 ranked hospital in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for the last seven consecutive years — to help build the organization’s next generation Engineered Design System for its website ( and mobile apps.

“This collaboration is focused on creating an Engineered Design System that will help Mayo Clinic innovate faster and collaborate better among a distributed workforce,” shared Stephen Clements, YML’s Chief Creative Officer. “By utilizing the Engineered Design System across their digital ecosystem, we aim to create an elevated, more human experience for Mayo Clinic and their partners.”

The new Mayo Clinic Engineered Design System will create an improved omni-channel public and patient experience, while reducing the amount of repetitive manual work for designers and engineers; giving Mayo Clinic and their partners more time to focus on the challenges that drive meaningful impact for the business and its patients.

YML’s cross-functional team of product managers, designers and engineers is using an agile methodology to implement reusable components across Mayo Clinic’s digital ecosystem. Creating repeatable design patterns ensures patients are getting a consistently elegant experience, whether they’re on campus or interacting with the hospital’s digital products. Additionally, by ensuring all components go above and beyond for accessibility compliance and are localized for multiple regions. Mayo Clinic’s leadership in healthcare will be inclusive and accessible to all, wherever they are.

“To assist Mayo Clinic’s ongoing leadership in healthcare and research is a great honor for us all at YML,” shared Ashish Toshniwal, YML’s CEO and co-founder. “It naturally aligns with YML’s 13 year history of partnering with healthcare leaders and startups to forge digital transformation in the industry.”

The new Mayo Design System will be full stack, incorporating popular design tooling, comprehensive documentation, and supports integration with web and mobile languages.

To learn more about the partnership, or about building a Design System with YML, inquire here.