May 23, 2023

Prioritizing Accessibility: YML Launches Inclusive Design Practice

Prioritizing Accessibility: YML Launches Inclusive Design Practice

YML has announced the launch of its new Accessibility and Inclusivity Practice to build digital products that have accessibility integrated at their foundation, as opposed to built on top of existing experiences. The new practice adds another dimension to YML's overarching digital transformation services.

The launch was announced in Mediapost and in Digiday.

The dedicated practice supports brands along their accessibility journey, and YML is already working to improve digital experiences for all consumers across its e-commerce, financial services, and healthcare clients. 

The Accessibility and Inclusivity Practice is led by a diverse, experienced team of YML experts who have built and managed large scale engagements in inclusive design, engineering and testing certification. As part of this initiative, Pablo Arce has been appointed practice lead, having joined the YML team after leading accessibility for Google Search. 

“Over 61 million US adults have a disability, yet 96% of websites fail web content accessibility (WCAG) guidelines. This can lead to frustration, exclusion, and a sense of disempowerment,” said Pablo. “With the launch of a dedicated Accessibility Practice, YML aims to take a leadership role in promoting accessibility and inclusive design across the digital industry.”

Pablo previously worked at Google, first launching the accessibility department at Google Cloud AI, and then leading the Google Search accessibility team. His team was responsible for ensuring that hundreds of feature launches per year were accessible and usable. He also lead the implementation of their "Shift Left" strategy, helping bring accessibility considerations upstream in the product development cycle.

The newly launched YML team will work closely with existing teams to integrate accessibility into every stage of the product development process. The work will be guided by a number of open-source tools, built by the agency to ensure consistent feedback and transparency. This includes research, design, development, and testing across web and mobile technologies. YML’s Accessibility Practice will also provide training and consulting services to clients who are committed to creating accessible digital products.

“Accessibility is not just a legal requirement – it’s a moral imperative,” said Ashish Toshniwal, CEO of YML. “At YML, we believe that every individual should have equal access to digital products and services and this practice is a part of an ongoing commitment we are making to ensure the internet is a more inclusive space. We hope to raise awareness of the importance of inclusive design and to offer our clients a competitive advantage.”

For more information, please visit YML’s Accessibility and Inclusivity Practice.