Jan 29, 2021

Unlocking the benefits of private aviation

By Oona Ziegler

Private aviation is a new - yet competitive - space. One where a premium experience must extend not just in the air, but in the palm of every customer. We wondered — how do you create seamless digital product for this budding private aviation world that allows customers to book private flights as easy as Uber or Airbnb?

Wheel’s Up — a private aviation brand defined by exceptional service, safety, quality and elevated lifestyle — was without a digital experience that mirrored those same qualities. We took on the challenge of bringing those exact features of polish, premium experience and convenience through at every touchpoint of their digital product. 

The current product is very utility-focused. It focuses primarily on the idea of getting members from A to B, and that’s where we see an opportunity. 

The experience should be – from A to Extraordinary. Wheels up has the opportunity of not just connecting members to destinations, but connecting them to experiences in these destinations. Whether it be beach-side resort, or an exclusive club. 

The Wheels Up app should be the remote control for all experiences; it connects members with the best experiences in the world, whether it be amazing real estate properties, nightlife, restaurants. We see the Wheels Up experience as being something that is only achievable through a membership, it cannot be bought or replicated anywhere else. And it is a connection to both a higher lifestyle, as well as to others in the community. Here's how:


Greet each member with a personal touch – set the stage for their Wheels Up experience.


Display each member’s status and appreciate their loyalty. Create a 1:1 connection with each Wheels Up member.

Day of - Itinerary

Confirm information the day of flight, provide suggestions and support through contextual cards.


Chat-based creates a feeling of support throughout the experience, in the sky or on the ground. 


Connect members with destinations through exclusive experiences in those locations. Show the possibilities of great food, wine, and experiences in each location. 


Build deeper connections between members through shared flights, events, parters, and personal connections. 

Wheels up has the perfect opportunity to create something that truly is an experience; one that appeals to all of your senses. The Wheels Up brand has the ability to connect people both to those experiences, but also provide something memorable in the air and on the ground. The opportunities are endless