Feb 15, 2021

How Orig3n optimizes your future through DNA

By Chris Rowe

The difference between Olympians, NFL and NBA players and the rest of us isn’t just their height, or muscles, or their diets. Elite athletes use personalized and actionable insights to fine tune their training and performance.  So why aren’t elite DNA insights available for everyone?

Orig3n — the lesser known, but high potential, genetics brand — is meeting the moment. You may have heard of 23&me and Ancestry.com, which have begun to pull back the curtain on the untapped power of one’s genetics by tracing lineage through DNA, but Orig3n’s personalized vitamins and DNA tests help you on your personal wellness journey so you can customize your routine based on your unique needs. 

The Opportunity

We believed Orig3n’s concept, and it’s mobile app in particular, were fascinating and relevant to today’s modern, health and wellness-minded consumer, but the brand’s art direction and overall positioning was missing the forest for the trees. The YML team reimagined their app through a series of prototypes that gives you access to that same elite data that can make an impact on your personal wellness journey.

We tapped into the insight right in front of us: professional athletes use DNA insights to help them become among the most elite in their category. The very same data they use is available to everyone, so that they can become the most elite version of themselves.

Orig3n’s mobile app needed to showcase their value proposition in a clearer, focused way throughout the digital experience.

The Experiment

We gave the app a complete overhaul of art direction, and also transitioned how a user experienced the data and content. Our efforts were focused on:

  • Simplifying the data nomenclature and displays

  • Creating an onboarding that communicated the goal, purpose and advantages of the product, so that it immediately connected with the right audience. 

  • The process of executing the test was also very confusing and unclear. We created, illustrated and animated a step by step guide on how to use the test kit.

  • We created a comparison/competition aspect where you can compare your DNA with elite athletes and even your friends on your team.

Onboarding: Tailored Performance

From the very first interaction, the app is unique to you.

Motivation: Discover Greatness

See what you have in common with friends, family and elite level athletes.

Analysis: Results Focused

Get specific insights tailored to you, like when to intake caffeine during your race or workout. 

No Pain, All Gain: One swab for all

One swab works for every test available, and you’ll ever have to wait for new result

What did we do?

  • Brand Strategy

  • Art Direction

  • UI/UX Design

  • UX Strategy

  • Motion Graphics

  • Animation