Jan 26, 2021

YML nabs duties for Volvo-backed Polestar

YML nabs duties for Volvo-backed  Polestar

Past Tesla, the landscape is crowded with many brands carving out their own EV products. Toyota’s Prius PHEV is the closest to Elon Musk’s empire, with 23,630 units sold in 2019 out of just more than 326,000, according to the Transportation Research Center at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois.

Chipping away at Tesla’s primacy is daunting, yet EV brand Polestar is betting that it can give it a go, especially with the Polestar 2 model that began production spring last year. The Sweden-based company—a joint effort by Chinese car giant Geely and Volvo—hired MDC Partners shop YML to redesign and reengineer its corporate web presence and, crucially, its primary digital product and retail experience.

“Polestar was seeking a partner completely aligned with our digital-first philosophy. There were not many agencies out there with the capabilities we were seeking,” said Kyle Denlinger, who leads digital at Polestar. “YML brings fresh strategy and design to the table, and strong technical expertise. Polestar is taking on a fast-growing and highly competitive EV category, and we need best-in-class digital products and experiences which capture, educate and convert customers.”

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