Launching a stellar brand into a new product category.

YETI, the brand, needs no introduction. YETI bags? That’s another product story. Our challenge was to establish a new Product Detail Page (PDP) experience that reflects YETI’s genuine brand credibility, and scale it across an entire new collection of outdoor bags.

  • 8
    Weeks from pitch to launch
  • 1
    Sold out online launch
  • $6b
    Current company valuation

Breaking the mold with motion and immersive design

YETI is about movement and momentum, and being inspired to unpack wild adventures. Conjuring the same feelings you might get gliding across an open wave face, floating down a field of snow or savoring wild caught game — we wanted to merge elements of digital, tactile and delightful design.

“This is a quantum leap for us.”
Ginny Golden
Ginny Golden Director, Creative at YETI

Balancing story with commerce

How do you evolve an already elevated brand? Using a variety of provided assets (studio, on-body, endemic photography; lifestyle copy), we designed a set of content modules, some animated, to create a more textured and rich brand experience.

Micro storytelling to highlight every feature

The power of editorial is alive and well. We designed a module that can accommodate a variety of multi-media or static files, so no matter what assets are available, there’s always a way to give the people what they want — a focus on what’s cool about the product and brand.

Compare products in the same family

When making an investment purchase, we wanted to give the customer ultimate control over their decision. We designed this ‘compare module’ to populate with products that are close in kind. Compare and contrast key differences without leaving the page.

Built to scale across full product offering

We designed a refreshed brand system with scale in mind. Using modular components, the experience can now be mixed and matched to tell the right story, in the right context, at the right time.

How we did it


  • Product Strategy
  • Brand Strategy


  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture


  • Brand Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Art Direction
  • Animation
  • Design System


  • Interactive Prototypes
  • FE Technical Implementation
  • Quality Assurance

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