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Universal Music Group

The first global app that helps artists listen back

In this tech-forward era of music, decisions can no longer be made from gut feelings and intuition alone. Leveraging global data from top streaming platforms, YML and Universal Music Group built a tool that challenges tradition by letting artists listen to their fans.

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    Rating in the App Store
  • 2020
    Webby Award for Best User Interface
  • 1st
    Artists analytics app

Data is better when it’s designed

Analytics without proper hierarchy are like auto-tuned vocals in a folk song—confusing and out of place. In order to show a clear and focused data set, we created a design system that stripped the information down to its most essential form and redistributed it across the entire experience. Less noise, more music.

Bringing artists closer to fans

At a glance, this product answers three key questions —

Who’s listening? Am I up or down? How can I improve? If an artist knows who their audience is, they can tailor the sound, the shows, the merch, even who their next collaboration will be with—everything to better entertain the constant change of the crowd.

Who’s listening?

Age, gender, location, preferred platform — all anonymous.

Am I up or down?

Better than last week, better than my last album, better than the rest.

How can I improve?

Insights into what's working and what isn't.

“Working with YML has opened our eyes to the importance of combining data with effective storytelling and design.”
Mitch Shymansky
Mitch Shymansky VP of Data and Product, Universal Music Group

Music is changing for the better. Sure, songs are written by teams instead of performers and roadies carry turntables instead of guitars, but now data is in the band — disrupting the music industry by bringing the audience closer to the artist.

Working together in partnership, UMG consolidated data inputs from streaming music services (Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music), while YML synthesized it through design, first as a web application, then eventually as an Android and iOS app. Cleaning the data was critical to show a clear, coherent and unified visualization of only the most vital information.

How we did it


  • Data Strategy
  • Product Strategy
  • Brand Strategy


  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Information Architecture


  • Brand Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Art Direction
  • Animation


  • Proof-of-concept
  • Technical Architecture
  • Web and Mobile Development API

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