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YML partnered with Anomaly, a pioneering innovation and ‘communications' agency, to create Obie, an app designed to help women (and their partners) manage their fertility and get pregnant, created to address the fertility care gap in the United States. For the first time,  women aged 30-34 have eclipsed women in their 20s to become the group with the highest birth rate in the U.S. Couples are choosing to have children later in life, after the age at which fertility begins to decline for women.

  • 15min
    Average time women spend with ObGyn a year
  • 1
    Jay Chiat Award for Healthcare Strategy
  • 52%
    Of women never discuss family planning with their ObGyn

Closing the knowledge gap around fertility

Add in the fact that women spend an average of 15 minutes with an ObGyn a year, leading to limited understanding of fertility, conception and sex health. In partnership with a world-renowned OBGYN, Dr. Amos Grunebaum, Obie was built to provide personalized, science-based information to every individual — regardless of their race, beliefs, sexual preference, cultural background or location.

A first to market, holistic fertility solution

By using a variety of data inputs, from tracking cycles to ovulation, Obie personalizes and targets relevant content to every user. By helping women to understand and manage their reproductive health, Obie aims to help women get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy.

“Obie is a testament to what can happen when two like-minded, entrepreneurial companies with unique expertise come together to solve a genuine problem. Anomaly’s innovative brand and business planning and YML’s cutting-edge digital solutions will change the way the world thinks about reproductive health.”
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson Founding Partner & Executive Chairman at Anomaly

Designed to scale

Anomaly concepted the idea behind Obie and then built the vision, the brand, and the business model to be more than just another digital tool, but rather a true companion on people’s fertility journey. YML built the world-class digital experience, rooted in a flexible, modular system that makes it easy for users to understand their health data at a glance, and allows the product to scale in the future.

Driving engagement to build habits

When it comes to health, consistency is key — and reproductive health is no exception. We applied habit-forming product design principles to create an intuitive navigation and suite of easy-to-use features. The result is an experience that drives continuous, consistent engagement.

Built to safeguard privacy

Each fertility journey is incredibly personal, which is why we built privacy into the product’s DNA. Obie blends user generated insights, machine-learning algorithms, data-gathering and computation to build a detailed and secure profile that sets the foundation for the highly personalized experience. Our visual cues instill a feeling of privacy and give users peace of mind throughout.

Contextual and proactive assistance

In line with its brand pillars (mind, body, and environment) and over 400 behavioral data points, Obie is the only app in its class that uses location to send proactive updates about air quality, temperature and other conditions that may affect reproductive health and fertility — information that helps users better plan their days and activities.

Paving the way for changing norms

Though Obie is still in the MVP stage, the foundation is built to provide personalized solutions that will ultimately change the way people look at reproductive health.

Engineering the end-to-end experience

YML teams built the Obie app from scratch, along with the cloud and architecture, a machine-learning recommendation engine, a custom CMS, and an integration to sync users’ Apple HealthKit data for more comprehensive health recommendations. Our partnership transformed Obie's approach into a backend framework that iterates in sync with design — a modern, agile, empathetic approach to democratizing reproductive health.

How we did it


  • Product Strategy
  • User Research & Testing
  • Product Roadmapping
  • Technology Strategy
  • Data Strategy
  • Optimization Strategy


  • UX/UI Design
  • Visual Design
  • Art Direction
  • Accessibility
  • Motion Design


  • Mobile App Development
  • Technical Architecture
  • API & CMS Development
  • Prototyping
  • Front-end + Back-end Development
  • Manual QA


  • Brand Development
  • Business and Product Strategy
  • User Interviews
  • User Research Testing
  • Product Roadmapping
  • Content Strategy
  • Personalization Strategy

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