Your personal, reproductive health coach

YML partnered with babyMed, one of the world’s top fertility and pregnancy sites to create Obie, an app designed to help women (and their partners) manage their fertility and get pregnant. 

  • 15min
    Average time women spend with ObGyn a year
  • 1 in 8
    Couples are affected 
by infertility in the US
  • 52%
    Of women never discuss family planning with their ObGyn

Closing the knowledge gap around fertility

Women spend an average of 15 minutes with an ObGyn a year, leading to limited understanding of fertility, conception and sex health. And with millions of articles online, it is easy for women to feel overwhelmed and they end up feeling unprepared for the journey ahead.

A first to market, holistic fertility solution

By using a variety of data inputs and tracking cycles and ovulation, Obie personalizes and targets relevant content to every user. By helping women to understand and manage their reproductive health, Obie aims to help women get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy.

“We were so impressed by the YML team — the strong work ethic, patience and diligence.”
Elizabeth Stafford CEO of BabyMed

Designed to scale

A flexible, modular system makes it easy for users to understand their health data at a glance, and allows the brand to scale in the future. We established Obie’s brand and personality to elevate Obie beyond a digital tool into a true companion on the fertility journey.

Driving engagement to build habits

When it comes to health, consistency is key — and reproductive health is no exception. We applied habit-forming product design principles to create an intuitive navigation and suite of easy-to-use features. The result is an experience that drives continuous, consistent engagement.

Built to safeguard privacy

Each fertility journey is incredibly personal, which is why we built privacy into the product’s DNA. Obie blends user generated insights, machine-learning algorithms, data-gathering and computation to build a detailed and secure profile that sets the foundation for the highly personalized experience. Our visual cues instill a feeling of privacy and give users peace of mind throughout.

Contextual and proactive assistance

In line with its brand pillars (mind, body, and environment) Obie is the only app in its class that uses location to send proactive updates about air quality, temperature and other conditions that may affect reproductive health and fertility. This critical information helps users better plan their days and activities, and offers newfound clarity.

Engineering the end-to-end experience

YML teams built the Obie app from scratch, along with the cloud and architecture, a machine-learning recommendation engine, a custom CMS, and an integration to sync users’ Apple HealthKit data for more comprehensive health recommendations. Our partnership transformed Obie's approach into a backend framework that iterates in sync with design — a modern, agile, empathetic approach to reproductive health.

What we did


  • Client Strategy
  • Product Strategy
  • User Research & Testing
  • Product Roadmapping
  • Technology Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Data Strategy
  • Optimization Strategy


  • UX/UI Design
  • Visual Design
  • Art Direction
  • Accessibility
  • Motion Design


  • Mobile App Development
  • Technical Architecture
  • API & CMS Development
  • Prototyping
  • Front-end + Back-end Development
  • Manual QA

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