Kaiser Permanente

Tomorrow's Health Care. Today.

From tele-health to vaccinations, the transformation of health care is one of the biggest stories of our time, and Kaiser Permanente has boldly emerged as an innovator.

Pivot to Digital Transformation

To meet emerging care demands, Kaiser Permanente completely redesigned and rebuilt their digital ecosystem to improve patient-first care, redefining how the next generation of Americans receive health care.

Heavyweight Design Meets Lightweight Feel

The refreshed guest interface was designed so that anyone — no matter their accessibility needs — can quickly find and focus on exactly what they need. It's proving impactful, highlighted by a 33% increase in engagement across the experience.

“We brought our members, physicians, operators, designers and engineers together to make something magical for our patients. Rather than something painful, we’ve made health care an experience.”
Prat Vemana
Prat Vemana Chief Digital Officer, Kaiser Permanente

Embracing Proactive Care — Anywhere and Everywhere

Introducing ‘Get Care Now’ options in the mobile app to schedule vaccinations, appointments and tele-health video visits increased app usage by 13%.

Social Distance, Connected Care

Overall satisfaction with digital increased from 86% to 92%, the first increase after a five-year flat trend. Kaiser Permanente has proven that socially distanced care doesn't have to be socially isolated.

Bringing Health Care to the World

As part of the overall digital ecosystem redesign, Kaiser Permanente transformed its flagship website (KP.org) into a reliable, trustworthy, and accessible companion to myriad individual health care journeys, which drove a record 680M website visits in 2021 (a 46% increase YoY).

Just the Beginning

The health care industry has dramatically changed, and Kaiser Permanente has built a comprehensive digital experience — including pharmacy, labs, tele-health, claims and coverage — to meet their members where they are.