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Introducing proactive care in the Covid-19 pandemic

From telehealth to vaccinations, the transformation of healthcare is one of the biggest stories of our time, and Kaiser Permanente has sprung to action as a leader. We’re designing and building KP’s digital experiences, which has the potential to save countless lives.

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    PCPs provide virtual care today

Pivot to remote care

In response to Covid-19’s seismic shift to the healthcare industry, we created three pillars to inform the build-out of KP’s new environment: be proactive, keep it simple and be human. These were designed to provide a seamless transition from in-person healthcare to a remote, digital experience.

Heavyweight design meets lightweight feel

The refreshed UI features a strict visual hierarchy, keeping the interface free from clutter, so that anyone, with any ailment, can quickly find and focus on exactly what they need.

Embrace proactive care

We designed KP’s mobile app to be an extension of your primary care relationship — removing friction by anticipating each patient’s needs. For example, introducing ‘Get Care’ options for members to schedule vaccinations, appointments and video visits increased usage by 13% on the app.

Bring web to the world

KP wanted their website to be more than an exclusive members-only resource.  As part of our re-design we transformed KP.org into a reliable, trustworthy and accessible public source of healthcare insight for all.

Make it human

In this new, remote world, the need for human interaction is apparent like never before. Knowing that, we designed a system that equips every patient with a direct line to their health care provider — proving that social distance doesn’t have to mean social disconnection.

Just the beginning

Kaiser Permanente isn’t simply a health insurance company or a hospital. While they do provide those benefits to all their members, they also offer an end-to-end pharmacy, and have a complete staff of nearly 23,000 physicians and 60,000 nurses, all part of their in-house network. From a product strategy, design and technology perspective, we’ve only just begun.

Consolidating a conglomerate

Our primary engineering focus is on leveraging and improving the existing, elaborate KP API ecosystem to support our development work on their flagship mobile app and website.  Specifically, our work on the front end apps exposes clinical functionality seamlessly to consumers, masking KP’s disparate back-end systems, which are all powered by their own EHR (electronic health records) systems across seven regional healthcare databases and supported by a CMS for presentation.

What we did


  • Product Strategy
  • User Research


  • UI/UX
  • UX Cross platform strategy
  • ADA & accessibility compliant design


  • AEM Migration
  • Front-end + Back-end Development

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