Google Tensorflow
Google Tensorflow
Google Tensorflow

Google Tensorflow

Building tools to teach machine learning to the world

TensorFlow is Google’s groundbreaking open-source, machine learning platform: the more people use it, the smarter it gets. With 20 million developers in the world, Google tasked YML with increasing adoption through education resources anyone can use, anywhere.

  • 3
    Three of the first Google TensorFlow User Group (TFUG) certified people in the world were YML employees
  • 1m
    Developers have engaged with TensorFlow since YML’s engagement
  • 150,000
    Paid sign-ups for Machine Learning courses on Coursera and Udacity, designed by YML

Increase adoption of machine learning

Developers and business leads alike needed a way to clearly understand the impact of TensorFlow capabilities, while educating new students. Our challenge was to create a suite of mobile apps and tutorials that could be updated as the content evolved.

Getting demos in developers hands

Experience is the best teacher. YML built a series of dynamic tutorials (coursework, tools, machine learning applications) that proved to reach developer and business audiences alike.

“We could not have done this work at the same speed and efficiency as the YML team.”
Magnus Hyttsten
Magnus Hyttsten 
Developer Advocate, Google

Technology Architecture

We had the opportunity to create tutorials for Google’s Tensorflow ecosystem. For each of the blocks below we showcased the intricacies of that technology, and also how to work with all components together, effectively teaching students how the applications are built from training to deployment.

How we did it


  • Content Strategy
  • Product Strategy
  • Research
  • User Testing


  • Course Structure Development
  • Course Slides
  • Class Exercises


  • Visual design


  • Machine Learning
  • Proof-of-concept
  • Prototyping
  • Front-End and Back-End Development

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