Sumit Mehra

Sumit Mehra

CTO, President and co-founder

Sumit envisions the future, spearheading innovation at YML and for our clients. Responsible for YML’s strategic direction and our global technology services, Sumit leads a nearly 180-strong engineering team, delivering solutions that create value for people and our clients' bottom lines.

Passionate about the intersection of technology and business, Sumit is responsible for some of the most significant transformation stories of the last decade. He created the world’s first Apple Pay integration in a retail application for Staples, transformed how medical institutions conduct large-scale clinical studies for Apple’s ResearchKit, and built a POS solution for First Data that transacts billions of dollars every year. Prior to YML, Sumit was a software engineer at Google, Yahoo and Dell.

Formerly a PhD student at Stanford University, Sumit quickly realized the explosive potential of the mobile revolution and dropped out of college to start YML with his co-founder Ashish. Begun in an apartment, together they have grown YML to be the creative technology company it is today, with a 400+ strong team, five locations and a star-studded client list of some of the hottest startups and the world’s best brands.

Always a tinkerer and DIY guy, Sumit loves finding technology products for his home, and he’s even hacked his own Tesla’s onboard telemetry — just for fun. Sumit lives in Belmont Hills, CA, with his family and his puppy Mowgli.