With over a decade of healthtech experience, we accelerate innovation for established institutions and help startups launch fast and scale.

Since our beginning in 2009, we have been at the forefront of digital healthcare products helping powerhouses and startups alike. Today, we bring the latest technology paired with customer-centric design to surgeons, nurses, hospitals and patients. Our work has helped nurses continue their training and enabled rapid diagnostics during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The digital healthcare solutions we create are well designed, well made, and most of all, well, human.

  • Hospital Corporation of America

    We worked with HCA to launch Inspire, an app for nurses to connect with their community, create mentoring networks, navigate their careers and stay invested in the company for the long term.

  • ResearchKit

    We built the mPower app, as part of a suite, for ResearchKit. It made history as the world’s largest Parkinson’s study, and continues having a substantive impact on research. Case study

  • Johnson and Johnson (Auris)

    We helped Auris design their next-gen interface for the Monarch robotic surgery platform — including a stereoscopic 3D experience for surgeons to visualize and control the robot’s arms.

  • Cepheid

    Cepheid, a Silicon Valley-based molecular diagnostics company, created a breakthrough test that dramatically cuts down Covid-19 detection time from three to four days to just 45 minutes. YML partnered with Cepheid to create the interface.

  • Obie

    We designed, built and launched Obie — a first-of-its-kind, reproductive health coach app that helps women understand and manage their fertility.

  • Adventist Health

    We redesigned the mobile app for Adventist Health, built to support their integrated health system with clinics and hospitals across the west coast and Hawaii.

  • Fresenius

    We helped create Compass, an app that streamlines daily care workflows for nephrologists, so they can spend time on what matters most: building relationships with their patients.

  • HealthyEquity

    We built the HealthEquity app for Android. This startup, now valued at over $400m, focuses on empowering working Americans to gain more choice and control over their healthcare and financial future.

Featured integrations

We know the importance of privacy when it comes to our clients, and their customer data. We purposefully don’t handle any PII and take additional high-security measures including anti-malware and anti-virus protection, regular supervised device scans, remote device management, and admin-only installations of white labeled applications. Our range of work includes both patients and HCPs and has been launched across a wide variety of platforms, including:

Mobile operating systems 

· iOS

  • Android

  • Apple Watch

Front end technologies

 · Angular JS

  • React JS

3rd party services

 · Epic (integrate with EHRs)

  • ResearchKit

  • HealthKit

  • Open mHealth (Connect with various EHRs 
through this open standard)

  • Shimmer (Connect with various health 
tracking devices)

  • eScription One by Nuance (e-Transcription
 service integrated with Web and Mobile 




  • FHIR

  • HL7 v3

  • CCDA

  • Direct Network (for Secure Email)

  • Structured Health Data Code families - 
SNOMED, ICD10, RxNorm, NDCID, etc.

  • Meaningful Use Stage III

Hand-picked thought makership and experiments, fresh from our Labs.